4-12-15, Daizawa, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo 155-0032, Japan
TEL 03-6450-9371
12 minutes on foot from Shimokitazawa Station to Inogashira Line, Odakyu  Line.
12 minutes on foot from Sangenjyaya Station to Tokyu Denentoshi Line.


Transport 3 route

1.Shimokitazawa station route (Odakyu Line & Inokashira Line)

(12minutes walk from Shimokitazawa station Odakyu line South Exit)

Please leave the South exit of Shimokitazawa station and come to the street with the arches of Shimokitazawa Mnamiguchi shopping street (McDonald’s on the left corner).  As you walk through the road, you will come to “Daizawa Sansaro”, the three way path.

The road from “Daizawa Sansaro” is a road with 11 meter width “Chazawa Street”. There is Daizawa Elementary School and Shiba Shinkin Bank on the left.  SAYU CPA OFFICE is 1 minute walk from the intersection with Shiba Shinkin bank.

2.Sangenjaya station route (Tokyu Denentoshi line)

(12 minutes walk from Sangenjaya station

Leave the underground ticket gate at Sangenjaya station and go up the stairs that exits towards Taishido on the right (Kita A exit (north A exit)).  After the stairs, there is shopping street, “Chazawa Street”, and Chiyoda shoes shop on the left.  Please come down the Chazawa Street with looking behind 246 national road with highway.  SAYU CPA OFFICE is left side of Chazawa Street, 1minite walk from Summit Store Super market on the left.

3.Bus from Shibuya station route

(Tokyu Bus bound for “Wakabayashi Orikaeshijo” stop at “Daizawa Jujiro”)

Please take the bus bound for “Wakabayashi Orikaeshijo” at the Shibuya station depart at the No. 36 stop which comes every 5 minutes and arrive at the “Daizawa Jujiro” stop in approximately 15 minutes.  When getting off the bus, return a few meters in the direction of Shibuya and there is the intersection called “Daizawa Jujiro”.  Turn left there (north direction) across the pedestrian crossing.  SAYU CPA OFFICE is 1 minute walk on the left side.