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Expat’s tax and other individual tax

In Japan, individuals with meeting certain requirements need to file tax returns by March 15th each year for the previous year’s income. We support necessary tax procedure including preparing/filing tax applications, tax returns, consulting exit tax matters etc. for expat’s, real estate owner and other resident/non-resident individuals.

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Resident/non-resident owner of property in Japan

We support at each phase from purchase to sale. We provide advice about the scheme for investments, bookkeeping, ongoing local tax compliance services including tax representative, preparation/filing of tax returns upon purchase/rent/sales in Japan.

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Inheritance Tax Return

The inheritance tax filing deadline is within 10 months from the inheritance inception (the date of death). You may need to file inheritance tax return, even if tax amount is zero, for using a spouse deduction and/or small home land deduction. We support preparing and filing inheritance tax returns for non-Japanese speakers.

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For Corporation

Starting an operation in Japan

When starting business in Japan, you may need to choose the appropriate entity, such as a representative office, a branch office, and/or a Japanese KK (Kabushiki Kaisha) or GK (Godo Gaisha). We advise the pros and the cons of the above entities and assist to elect entity. We also assist the documentation to establish the company.

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Accounting Services (bookkeeping and reporting services)

We provide bookkeeping services and reporting services. We also prepare monthly/quarterly/yearly reports in English for you and/or for head office upon necessary.

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Corporate Tax Compliance Services

We provide corporate tax compliance services including the preparation of tax returns including corporation tax, inhabitant tax, enterprise tax, consumption tax, fixed assets tax, and business premises tax.

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Payroll Services

We provide payroll services for local employees, including the calculation of withholding taxes, social insurance premiums (pension, health care), labor insurance premiums (accident and unemployment insurances), etc.

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For corporation/individual

Tax Representative

Tax representative handles all tax matters including tax filing and tax payment on behalf of taxpayer who does not have address or business office in Japan. Tax office sent tax documents to tax representative address. We are happy to assist you by being tax representative to file tax returns and pay taxes on behalf.

By the tax reform made on 2015, digital service provider through internet including e-books, music, movies, online gaming, advertisements, etc., even without permanent establishment in Japan has to file consumption tax return (VAT return) and pay taxes (VAT).  In order to comply, digital service provider is required to appoint tax representative and pay taxes through tax representative.  We are experienced in this area and providing tax representative services for such needs.  Please contact from contact form.

For more details, please refer brochure from Japanese national tax agency below;

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Tax Audit for Foreigners / Foreign Companies

We have seen foreigner individuals and foreign companies being audited by the Japanese tax authority. We attend and support tax audit.

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Consulting for other tax-related matters

Other personalized tax consulting services are available upon request including calculation of corporate tax provision, deferred tax assets and liabilities, the filing of applications related to tax treaties, advise on the balance of director’s remuneration and company profit etc.

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