Income Tax Return Preparation for Foreigner

Expat’s tax and other individual tax

In Japan, individuals with meeting certain requirements need to file tax returns by March 15th each year for the previous year’s income.  We support necessary tax procedure including preparing/filing tax applications, tax returns, consulting exit tax matters etc. for expat’s, real estate owner and other resident/non-resident individuals.

Resident/non-resident owner of property in Japan

We support at each phase from purchase to sale.  We provide advice about the scheme for investments, bookkeeping, ongoing local tax compliance services including tax representative, preparation/filing of tax returns upon purchase/rent/sales in Japan.

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  1. Tax Consulting Services and Assistance of Tax Audit
  2. Income Tax Return Preparation for Foreigner
  3. Inheritance Tax Return Preparation
  4. Starting an operation in Japan
  5. Accounting Services and Corporate Tax Compliance Services
  6. Tax Representative Services